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What's Cool in Windows 10

Enhance your apps with the latest intuitive features of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update



The latest official version of the windows UI Library - WinUI 2.1 - provides vibrant new XAML control for you Windows App. WinUI library API's run on earlier version of Windows 10,so you don't have to include version checks or conditional XAML to supports users who aren't on the latest OS.


Use an ItemsRepeater control to create a custom experience for displaying collections to your users.


The AnimatedVisualPlayer hosts and controls playback of animated visuals in your app.


By adding a simple resource dictionary, you can enable Compact mode in your app.

XAML Islands

Windows 10 now enables you to use UWP controls in non-UWP desktop applications. If you’re developing for WPF, Windows Forms, or C++ Win32, check out how you can add the latest Windows 10 UI features to your existing app.


Windows AI

Integrate machine learning models into your apps with Windows Machine Learning. Distribute AI features as a NuGet package with Windows Vision Skills. Use Direct Machine Learning if you need a low-level API to add machine learning to your game, backend, or similar app.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) lets developers run Linux command-line tools and utilities directly on Windows. You can now access Linux files from within Windows and use several new command-line options.



MSIX is the new Windows app package format that provides a modern packaging experience to all Windows apps. The open-source MSIX format preserves the functionality of existing packages while enabling modern deployment features.

Backward compatibility

MSIX now supports versions of Windows 10 versions 1709 and 1803, with limited capabilities.

Insider Program

Get early access to the newest MSIX features with the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program.

Cross-platform support

User the MSIX SDK to distribute an app package to client devices, regardless of their OS platform.

User activities and timeline

Build task-centered experiences that span across devices and platforms with Project Rome. SDKs for Android and iOS, and the power of Microsoft Graph, let you create apps that work seamlessly on all of your users’ devices.

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